Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sardarji couple!

Wife :- I love you.
I can't live without you!
I will die without you!
I will take poison and put an end to my life ! 
I will drown myself in the sea of your love!

Husband :- Look, whichever is convenient and comfortable to you...!

 Wife :-
A few years ago my figure was like that of a PEPSI Bottle !!!

Husband :-
The status is still the same !!!

Wife :- Is that so ???

Husband :-
Yeah, then you were like a 300ML Bottle, and now 2-Litre Bottle!

Doctor: I am sorry... your wife will live for a few days more only.

Santa: Doctor, why do you feel sorry?
I will somehow manage the few days...

Sardarji's wife was lying down unconscious.

Doctor: she is dead.

When her last rights were performed and she was about to be cremated, suddenly she got up sat down...and shouted, "I am alive!!"

Sardarji: Be silent my dear!
You think you know better than the doctor?

Hello please go ahead with the cremation!!!

Santa: If something happens to me at the time of surgery, I don't have any objection if you marry the surgeon... 

Wife: Why do you say like that darling?  

Santa: Then what, should I forgive the surgeon?? 


Husband : I have a strange problem...whenever my wife talks, I am unable to hear her words...

It's not a disease...God has been extremely kind to you!!!

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