Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Crack a joke and win a date!

Love is no more blind! Eternal love of Laila -Majnu & Romeo-Juliet are things of the past! The modern woman is smart in selecting her fiance.

Physical attraction is not the only criterion for picking a partner. Aspects born out of logical thinking occupy the center stage today in choosing a date. Educational qualifications, income, family background, financial commitments to his family members, character, personality, way of dressing, cleanliness, habits, previous love-life / marriage and the related commitments/liabilities, street smartness, hobbies, living conditions, friends circle and profession are some of the vital aspects which come under the rigorous scrutiny of the girl before selecting her lover boy.

Every woman dreams of a luxurious life with all comforts with the least amount of liabilities after marriage.

What is the present trend in selection of guys? Study by www.onepoll.com has revealed that boys with a sense of humor are being chased by gals. Yes. Girls are crazy after guys who are quick witted and crack one-liners with perfect timing!

Guys try your luck now!


  1. This is all so very true.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. How do you know sir? Do I have to read between the lines?

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  4. Sir
    It is a tricky question!
    I am reminded of the famous quote, "a sight to dream of, not to tell...", from Christabel by S T Coleridge!