Friday, January 22, 2010

Long hours of sitting is harmful!

Do you sit for hours together watching TV?
Are you a computer bug staring at the dumb monitor screen hours together?
Do you sit for hours to solve your school homework?
Are you a workaholic sitting in your office desk and engrossed in solving your favorite accounts problem?
Beware, you do run the high risk of contracting heart diseases!

Yes, researchers in the western countries have found that people who spend long hours sitting in a place have a tendency to become fat as the genes regulating glucose and fat start shutting down.

Despite the fact you may be exercising, jogging, walking and performing yoga rigorously in the mornings, long hours of sitting at a stretch is bound to result in harmful effects. As such scientists suggest that the entire workout schedule be divided into several parts spread over the day. For example instead of performing your workout for 2 hours at a stretch, break it to 4 equal 30 minute-programs spread over the entire day with uniform intervals.

Guys, why don't you include these short and smart workout schedules in your daily routines minimising your sitting times for a healthier life?

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  1. Our kids are in trouble too. They don't go out and play like they used to. Yikes. :(