Thursday, January 14, 2010

Storage solutions for your two wheelers!

My nephew Sandy has recently bought a motorcycle. He was on the look out for a compact and sturdy garage for his motorcycle. As his trusted adviser, I strongly recommended to him to explore the variety of exciting steel storage systems of Asgard Secure Steel Storage, a division of Flexiform Business Furniture Ltd., in the United Kingdom. With rich experience over 30 years, the firm has been a forerunner in metal fabrication in UK with a host of huge government contracts. The firm has invested more than one million GBP in the state-of-the-art technology for the design and manufacture of exciting range of high quality and innovative metal shed equipment pertaining to bike storage, motorcycle garage, caravan garage, gas bottle storage, high security sheds, school storage, etc.

Asgard's sprawling 118000 sq.ft. manufacturing plant, situated in West Yorkshire, has an infrastructure and facilities to produce huge volumes of standard products as well as custom-built special products. The cutting edge products are designed in house using the latest 3D modeling software. Full fledged installation and delivery teams with own fleet of vehicles are stationed at West Yorkshire unit.

A broad distribution network, advisory unit for selecting the right metal garden shed for the right application, a sound after sales support team are the strongholds of the firm. By and large, the storage systems are delivered at the clients premises free of cost within the UK.

The company gives a 10- year comprehensive warranty towards product performance. Further complete set of spares, list of replacement parts against damages/repairs are supplied by the firm as part of after sales service. Installation manuals, product brochures and simplified assembly instructions can also be downloaded by customers from the website.

The product design renders assembly of the steel storage units easy for any customer without the need for professional assistance. However, the company may depute their installation experts if clients so desire. Optional installation services such as panel by panel inspection, anchoring, full assembly with additional water proofing of joints, final inspection and animation of building storage sheds are also offered by the firm.

FAQs covering important aspects like cost of delivery, duration of transit for different locations, delivery discount for bulk orders, procedure in the event of transit damage, late deliveries, etc., are available in the website for the benefit of customers. The website also provides clients views and appreciation on the performance of products.

Latest offers for metal guard sheds, bike storage, motorbike storage, bike lockers, are published in the website for ready reference of prospective buyers.

My friend Sandy is a satisfied customer of Asgard Secured Steel Storage today. When are you approaching Asgard for solving your two wheeler storage problem this current winter?

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  1. Great idea if you don't have a garage. Storage is indeed popular everywhere.

    Have a terrific day. :)