Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happiness Formula!

Can you quantify happiness? Yes, a British psychologist has attempted to find a mathematical formula to measure happiness. According to him

Happiness = O + (N x S) + Cpm / T + He

O stands for Outdoor
(N x S) stands for Nature multiplied by Social interaction
(Cpm / T) stands for Childhood summer memories divided by temperature
He stands for Holiday excitement

Cliff Arnall, lecturer of Cardiff University attaches numbers to all these factors of happiness formula and declares that the third Friday of June turns out to be optimal day for peak happiness!

Arnold who runs a happiness clinic for company executives and businessmen clarifies that the third Friday in June is most suited day in summer for outdoor activities and sports wherein you reminisce and rejoice your happy days as a kid in the company of near and dear with the forthcoming holiday excitement.

Next time when you meet your relative or friend do not ask the question "What is your salary?", ask them "How happy are you?"


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