Friday, July 2, 2010

Buy Pretty Posters Online From Idposter!

My cousin Krish loves sports in any form. He wanted to display big posters of his favorite sports personalities on the walls of his room. I recommended to him the versatile online shop 'Idposter' who sells posters of celebrity sportsmen and movie stars to individuals as well as business houses. In this eshop, by a simple click, you can see all the 195 posters of your favorite Adriana Lima in exquisite poses. Just select your snap and its size, your order will be processed. The size of posters range from 11"x8" to 36"x24". Different color for a specific photograph can be done. You can also upload your personal photographs and family albums in the option Customer’s Poster. The photographs are processed in high quality print paper in glossy as well as matt finish based on your choice. The images are rendered with high degree of resolution and clarity thanks to technological and innovative approach of Idposter. Prompt delivery, customer friendly services and simple procedures enhance the all-round performance of this online shop. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the posters you can return and collect your money back or exchange posters.

To understand Idposter better, Krish and I selected a few celebrity posters through the product option. When I clicked 'Usain Bolt Posters', several snaps of the ace sprinter in action appeared on the computer screen. Usain Bolt is a 23-year old Jamaican sprinter who bagged 3 gold medals in the track races in Olympics Games held at Beijing in the year 2008 . He is also nicknamed ‘Lightning Bolt’ after his world-record-breaking run in New York City.

Krish tried the option 'Scarlett Johansson Posters'. Hundreds of alluring pictures of the matinee idol appeared on the monitor. Adjudged as the sexiest woman of the world she acted in well-known movies like Lost in Translation, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Love song for Bobby Long, etc. She was nominated 4 times for the prestigious Golden Globe Best Actor Award.

We clicked the option 'Sarah Michelle Gellar Poster', the great American film and TV series star. She acted in great movies like All My Children and The Grudge and won the Daytime Emmy Award. She was a glamor girl and super model.

Krish is immensely pleased with his stunning collection of posters he bought from Idposter now. Please hurry up and visit the online shop for your choice of posters at reasonable price.


  1. What a cool site. Thanks for directing me there. There's a couple posters I want to get hubby.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

  2. Say, how do I upload my posters. Shall I talk to Krish?

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  4. nice post, i think u must try this website to increase traffic. have a nice day !!!