Thursday, September 30, 2010

Earn Money By Selling Your Web Design Templates Through Contentmixi!

My cousin Rita is good at designing web templates and she sought my help on generating income from her templates. I advised her to register with the great online digital products market place Contentmixi and sell her web design template.
Contentmixi buys and sells variety of digital products like
• Web templates
• Animation
• E-Books
• Logos
• Contents
• Illustration
Contentmixi encourages not only big companies but also individual talented freelancers. You can upload your web page design template or contents to Contentmixi website for sale. The products are sold to the ultimate consumers through affiliates, direct selling and other methods.
The products are displayed in a splendid manner with all relevant particulars such as
• Name of the product
• Category
• Name of the creator
• Price
The product range is huge. For example, web templates cover 7 types such as CSS, Word Press themes, Joomla, Newsletter, PSD, etc. There are more than 50 categories like business, dating & wedding, computers, jobs, science, food & restaurant, etc., from which you can select your favorite. Free products are also displayed. In essence there is a very large gamut of product line to cater to the requirements of every consumer.
The company is managed by professionals who have vast experience with digital products design and marketing.
Cousin Rita is happy now as she is able to earn a decent income from her web templates thanks to Contentmixi.


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  2. How much Rita charges for her web page templates? I need one.

  3. Some really nice ones indeed. I'm about due for a new look. Header in any event.

    Have a great day. :)

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