Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snoopy Valentines!

Valentine’s Day reinforces the cements the amorous relationship between the lovers.  Mutual trust and compassion are very important for the success of conjugal love and family life. 
On the flip side I am reminded of Shakespeare’s famous quote “Frailty, thy name is woman!” 

There is no love without possessiveness, more so with lovers, especially the womenfolk.  It is not a question of infidelity, but just a watch on the activities of the seemingly fickle-minded partner.  With the advancement of the web world, it is common now among the lovers to share passwords of their email account and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. 

Despite these modern tools, women do resort to the age old practice of snooping.  They are sharp and ace detectives!  An unusual scent or stain on the coat, a different body odor, a new number on the mobile phone’s registered calls, etc., can be picked up in no time to pull up the poor guys.  

Snooping is the highest with Brazilian women (45%) and the lowest with their Australian counterparts (11%).  The second place goes to Indian women (33%) while the beauties of Russia, Spain, Africa, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico and United Kingdom are in the middle order.  Women of the United States of America seem to be generous to their spouses with snoop level of 17%.    Ladies of the western countries of the globe appear to be more tolerant to their male counterparts than those in the east.

My friend Johnny told me this interesting episode.  His wife of 25 years partnership grew suspicious with him when she observed him smiling often while reading some SMSs.  She could heave of sigh of relief only when she noticed that he had recently subscribed to a jokes service!

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  1. I don't snoop on hubby. He's always home and when he's not I know where he is. I do have his passwords, but never check his mail. It's his mail. Interesting statistics though.

    Have a terrific day and a happy Valentines day. :)