Sunday, April 22, 2012

A device to enable infants to text mom for nappy change!

Does your newborn feel grumpy?  Imagine the amount of relief you get if the infant sends you a text message or email to this effect.  In reality, you will get emails and texts in the near future thanks to the endless research of great scientists. 

Researchers have developed a monitoring system, built in to an infant babygro, which can send mails or text messages to parents to inform them that the nappy change might be required.

According to the scientists, the device can detect the baby's heart rate, temperature,  change in breathing pattern, etc.  The monitor can be programmed to let you know whether your child is happy, grumpy or upset.  The system can detect the moisture on the skin arising out of leakage from the nappy too.

This device provides a psychological relief to the fast-track modern parents to be in touch with their kids online.  Incidentally, the system also checks the performance of nanny at home. 

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  1. Well this would have been nice back in the day. I would have loved this. Wonderful stuff being invented every single day.

    Have a terrific day. :)