Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cool self-adjustable spectacles!

British researchers have developed a smart self-adjustable spectacles which can be used for different tasks. Simply turn the dial on the frame till you are able to see the objects clearly and that's all! 

Popularly known as "Eyejusters", the device makes use of a technology known as Slidelens, wherein there are two pairs of lenses and one lens slides over the other while dialing.  The sliding adjustment is done till a clear vision of the object is obtained.

Originally the specs was developed by two physics students and two engineers from Oxford university.  

This spectacle is extremely useful to those guys who change different glasses for different purposes.    The cost of the specs is $ 40 approx. 
There is significant saving in time and money when you use the spectacles for multiple viewing of variety of objects.

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  1. Way cool, kind of like adjusting binoculars. That was my first though. I just love all the brilliant people that some up with such cool things.

    Have a terrific day. :)