Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"No online flirting" - New marriage vow!

With the change in times, the values of the modern couples have also gone through a great change. 

There is a special emphasis for equality and supporting each other in the survey conducted in Australia recently.

Marriage vows of the spouses include new kind of assurance like 'No online flirting '. 

Peculiar amongst other vows:  
1.  Some spouses refuse to say "till death do us part" of the traditional marriage promise at the altar.
2.  For men "cherishing" their partner was the most important vow while for women, to stand by their partner in "sickness and health".
3. Equal sharing of child rearing is also an important condition for wedlock.
4. Only 18% of women said they would pledge to obey their partner against 27% of men.


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  1. Things are changing indeed. Sometimes for the better but mostly not.

    Have a terrific day. :)