Saturday, February 7, 2015

Smart cycle alerts owner when stolen!

The world's first ever bicycle that notifies its owner when it is stolen and also records on a daily basis the speed, route, incline and calories burnt of every single bike trip has arrived.
French start-up Connected Cycle is all set to unveil to the world the first connected pedal that prevents bike theft.
Founded in 2013 in Paris, Connected Cycle is a French start-up creating innovating products for enhancing bike experience. The high-tech equipment instantly notifies the bike owner if the bike is moved and allows it to be located any time. The technology also shows where the bike last parked. These statistics are sent to the cloud and made available to users through the Connected Cycle application available on smartphones.
The pedal is totally self-governing, able to generate its own energy and using its own Internet connection. There is no need to charge a battery or carry your smartphone during trips. Installation takes less than two minutes and doesn't require any mechanical skills. However the pedal can only be removed using a special coded key that only the bike owner possesses.
The pedals have in-built sensors that spot when a bicycle has been nabbed and can report where it has been taken.

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