Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lucrative jobs ...body painting!

Do you remember the most lucrative job offered at the Australian beach a few months ago? I have come across a better one in Brazil recently!

The Brazilian artists earn huge sum of money of the order of a few thousand Dollars a day (night!) for painting the beautiful bodies of the dancers during the Annual Rio Carnival which concluded recently!

On the carnival night glamor girls get their body painted in artistic designs like King Cobra, Chinese Dragon, colorful birds and wild animals to suit the theme of Samba dance.

The painting is done by the artists in transparent glass cubicles under the groovy eyes of the people visiting the carnival. It is a very delicate job wherein both the painter and the model feel nervous as they are being watched.

The top performing models are very picky and choosy about the painter to ensure impressive performance. Leading models stick to the same painter for decades!

Wanna a painting job in Brazil...?


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