Sunday, April 19, 2009

Present World is Wonderful!

We are extremely fortunate to live in this 21st century! Let us compare the 'Time' aspects of the present century with that of the past.

The average life expectancy of the 19th century human being was 50 years whereas it is 60 plus at present thanks to the better standards of living.

The 19th century person worked for 60 hours a week from the age 10. The 21st century workman works only for 40 hours per week.

The modern man is multifaceted- he is busy with many other things such as personality development, sports, travel, entertainment, more time for family, development of the society, future planning, etc. Only 20% of his time is spent on job related aspects thanks to the advancement in science and technology.

Machines replaced manual labor with automation in many areas of operation. Added to this, computers replaced repetitive clerical jobs and improved information storage and retrieval systems in almost all fields.

As life expectancy increases coupled with decrease in working hours, more free time is available for the 21st century man to do more quality work, enjoy more free time and to rest in peace.

As per the predictions of our Intellectuals the average working hours per week will be reduced to mere 27 hours by the year 2050!

Yes! This is a wonderful Planet to live in now!


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