Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lucky dolls for Japanese politicians!

In developed countries politicians bank on their past performance and welfare measures done to the people to win the polls. In developing / under developed countries the politicians rely on either money power or vote banks which are based on cast, creed and religion or both though these are not healthy democratic practices.

Times of India reports that in Japan politicians adopt a peculiar practice in public elections - they bank on "Daruma" dolls shaped like a human head and painted in bright red color to brighten their chances of victory.

Even technologically advanced country like Japan, people especially politicians, believe in traditional lucky charms and the like to come out victorious in their elections.

Daruma was an Indian priest Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism in China, who is said to have lost the use of his limbs after doing rigorous penance for about nine years in a cave. People in Japan strongly believe that Daruma dolls bring luck to them in all their endeavours from passing school examination to success in love. Slowly politicians also sought the help of Daurma dolls from the year 1930.

General election in Japan is round the corner at present (scheduled on August 30). As in the previous elections, there is a heavy demand for Daruma dolls by politicians now also. As a result Daruma doll manufacturers have a roaring business now despite the recession world over!

As the convention goes, candidates paint one eye of Daruma doll during election period and paint the other eye when once they win the polls. After the election, the Daruma dolls are kept in the temples and burnt. However dolls of celebrity politicians are preserved in museums.

This year Japan's main ruling party may seek more Daruma magic than usual as the opposition Democratic Party looks heading for a land slide victory putting an end to the five decade long uninterrupted rule of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) currently led by Japanese Prime Minister Taro.

Whether the politicians are benefited or not, the doll manufacturers are bound to harvest lots of luck of Daruma to make fortunes within a short period!


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