Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stress relief from grass and leaves!

Stress is a silent killer. Over a period of time it leads to a variety of complications like blood pressure, heart diseases, memory loss, anxiety, depression and the inevitable suppression of body's ability fight diseases.

Times of India magazine reports that researchers from Australia have developed a new spray known as Serenascent which smells like freshly cut grass and relieves stress of the wearer with a feeling of freshness!

According to their findings, when grass and green leaves are cut a minimum of 5 chemicals are released containing stress relieving properties. The new Serenascent combines three of these chemicals to help reduce the harmful impact of stress on the nervous system. The aroma of Serenascent acts directly on the brain's emotional and memory parts to relieve stress and bring in peace.

This discovery is a boon from Mother Nature to mankind.

Let us preserve forests & plantations and keep the environment clean devoid of pollution to save our own human race!


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