Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ban smoking in open public places too!

Passive smoking also gives rise to cancer and chronic pulmonary diseases as in the case of direct smoking. Researchers have found that exposure to smoking changes blood chemistry rapidly and enhances blood clotting. People with defective arteries are highly prone to heart attack on prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke.

Ban on smoking in public places in United Kingdom and Europe for the past two years has resulted in significant improvement in overall health of the people and reduced death caused by heart attack and cancer. Hospitals also report 15% reduction in admission due to heart attack.

In this context public places denote places like offices, cinema theaters, malls, food courts, hotels, etc., which are enclosures with roof. Open spaces like roads, parks do not come under the scope of the above regulation presumably due to the fact that the proximity effect is not significant.

I have noticed that large number of people smoke freely in London streets and avenues in areas earmarked for smoking. The smell of nicotine is an irritant factor to reckon with when you take a stroll along the roads and it really leaves a bad taste in your mouth (nostrils!)especially if you are a stranger.

It is high time the authorities concerned contemplate banning of smoking in the open public places too to save the environment and the people at large.

Please voice your opinion for the betterment of human health in Planet Earth.

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  1. Cigarette smoke stinks to high heaven and I try to avoid it. Same problem here in the U.S.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. :)