Friday, December 11, 2009

Best website guide for online casinos!

When my best friend Anto was on the look out for an authentic gambling casino, I recommended to him online casinos , a free leading online casino guide. The site lists the current updated 10 top online casinos with rating based on free bonus amount, payout percentage, games intricacies, customer service, customer reviews, software graphics, user-friendly features and the quantum of games.

The website covers around 800 most reputed online gambling casinos spread over 10 countries and is in operation for about a decade.

Only a few online casinos accept American Express payment at present and the same are detailed in the link amex online gambling. Useful information like rating, payout percentage, welcome bonus amount and reviews of experienced online players are furnished to help the user to pick up his right choice.

You can visit the website of individual online casinos and download the games software by clicking the appropriate links. Even new players will find it easy to pick up their right choice of casinos and games.

There is a link for online forum which enables sharing information, experience and techniques with fellow players. General forums and game-specific forums are available apart from FAQs, especially for beginners. Interesting topics like addiction to games, most profitable games, intricacies of games and favorable factors (whether luck or skill) are thrown open to discussion and the views of experienced players serve as valuable input to all.

The website also links specific needs of other category of online players.
For new players, there is a list of free bonus No Deposit Casinos.
Live Poker Rooms and separate Sportsbook casinos for horse betting are also linked to the website.

You can play variety of Vegas-like games such as Casino Blackjack, Casino Slots, Live Poker, etc.,by a simple click sitting at the cool comforts of your sweet home. You feel that you are playing in the vibrant and energetic ambiance of the grand casinos thanks to the superior graphics.

My friend Anto thanked me profusely as he could do away with long travels, hotel booking, leave permission from boss and the related huge expenses towards trips to far off casinos.

Online Casinos is not just a website, it is a real life experience in Vegas-style casinos! Do visit this site without fail and have lots of fun during your Christmas holidays!


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