Saturday, March 20, 2010

Five-year old child gives new lease of life to her dad!

It is a well known fact that parents give their lives to save their off-springs. In a strange turn of events, a five year old child, in her death, gave new lease of life to her dad!

The child Janani sustained head injury during a road accident and was declared brain-dead after treatment by a team of doctors. Her parents decided to donate her vital organs. Her father Chandrasekaran himself suffered from renal failure. Doctors decided to transplant Janani's kidney into her father with the consent of family members. They opined that both the kidneys are required to be transplanted as one kidney alone would be insufficient to perform the functions of an adult's kidney.

It was a sorrowful moment not only for the family members but also for any onlooker, while Janani's body wrapped in a white cloth was being handed over to her family members in one section of the hospital, doctors were busy transplanting her kidneys on her father in another section of the same hospital. The poor child's funeral had to be conducted without her father's participation.

Janani's liver was air lifted and donated to a 12-year old boy in Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. Madras Medical Mission Hospital harvested her heart valves while her corneas were donated to Government Ophthalmic hospital in Egmore.

Little Janani is not dead, she is immortal and she lives through her father and other people who received her organs!


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