Friday, March 12, 2010

Sports aptitute test for your kids!

I am sure every parent is eager to know the aptitude of his/her child for sports activities. A Private laboratory in India will soon conduct sports gene test for your child to know whether he/she will become a sprinter or a marathon runner!

Each one of us have two types of muscle fibre known as fast twitch and slow twitch. While the fast twitch imparts short time speed and strength to the muscles, the slow twitch provides greater endurance limits to the muscles. An average person has both these type of muscle fibres in equal percentage. An Olympic sprinter possess 80% of fast twitch muscle fibre while a Marathon Runner has 80% of slow twitch muscle fibre.

Sports gene test reveals the presence of ACTN3 gene which instructs the body to produce speed protein to activate the muscle fibres.

Please note that presence of ACTN3 gene alone does not guarantee success to sporting activities. Other aspects like healthy food, training and determination are of paramount importance for a budding sports person!


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