Saturday, April 24, 2010

Whale poo saves environment!

How do you contain carbon emission in oceans? The answer is simple, grow more whales!

Researchers have found that whale excrement is rich with iron which fertilizes the ocean water surface. This fertilizer is utilized by the plants for their growth. Algae are micro organisms that grow on the ocean surface using the sunlight and fertilizer provided by the whale poo. The carbon dioxide and water in the algae react with sunlight for their growth which results in the phenomenon known as algal bloom. In this process the much needed oxygen is liberated to the atmosphere for the survival of mankind while carbon dioxide is utilized by the algae.

These algae are important source of food for krill, the shrimp-like organisms eaten by penguins, seals, seabirds, and whales. Thus algae are eaten by krill and krill is eaten by whale and whale poo is utilized for growth of algae which works in a cyclic sequence. This is a striking example for conservation of energy and Nature’s own techniques for maintaining energy balance in Planet Earth.

Researchers find that the iron content in whale excrement is several million times that of ocean water which promotes algal bloom and in turn carbon dioxide absorption to minimize global warming. Now you tell me, is it not our top priority to save whales throughout the world and prevent their death due to man-made pollution of ocean water?
Courtesy: Businessline


  1. It figures that poo would be the answer to most things. Just saying.

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