Thursday, April 15, 2010

Woman strips to escape from the cop!

Women drug peddlers find novel ways to hoodwink the cops in Chennai, India. A woman used to sell ganja, a narcotic substance, in the crowded Ice House locality to her regular customers residing in the same area. Her husband was also a ganja trader and assisted her in her operation.

When the cops came to know about this matter, they used to chase her and she would manage to reach home. If the cop tried to enter her house forcibly, she would strip suddenly and threaten him that she would lodge a complaint of attempted sexual assault against him. The poor guy had to stop at that point and this operation continued for some time.

The police came with a new idea later. A woman cop posted near the house of the culprit caught her red-handed one day while the drug peddler attempted to strip in the presence of a male cop to put an end to the misadventure!

This appears to be a kind of new technology for the hoodlums for the escape route! Despite the fact that they are not educated there is no dearth of creativity!


  1. That wouldn't happen here. The male cops would have arrested her the very first time. Video is used against these kind of folks all the time. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Woman for Woman.