Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sexy Mathematical Ratio To Select Your Partner!

Sexual attraction can now be quantified mathematically - it is the optimum waist to hip ratio (WHR) which attracts men to grab girls of their choice !

Anthropologists have studied people with different culture and historical background across the world and find that personality, weight or breast size are not influential in selecting the sweet-halves by menfolks. It is the WHR which plays a predominant role in determination of partners by men. The perfect ratio tends to be near 0.7. Even super sexy women like Marilyn Monroe, Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, etc., were also covered in the study of researchers.

It appears that when a guy sees a girl with the right kind of WHR, he gets a biological signal that the girl would be adequately fit from the view point of fertility and healthy off springs. Immediately he decides in favor of the girl. It may sound bit complicated, but it sounds logical too!

Guys, check your girlfriend's WHR before proposing!

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