Sunday, February 17, 2013

Marriages are made in work place!

Are marriages fixed in Heaven?  
Not anymore as per a new study by a US research organization.  
The findings of the survey are interesting and thought provoking.

Industries that saw maximum number of office romances:   Leisure & Hospitality, Information Technology, Financial, Health Care and Professional & Business Services.

Most office romances spawn outside work, with 'Happy Hours', lunch being the favorite of most lovers.

Choice of occupation plays cupid for over 25%.

30% of employees dating co-workers end up marrying them.

6% have had someone breakup with them because of long hours or low income.

40% admitted they have dated a co-worker at least once in their career and 17% at least twice.  

30% have dated someone higher in the hierarchy, with women more likely to do so.

16% Have dated their boss. 



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