Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bird's poop and bull's testicles are the new-age skin glow enhancers!

Gone are the days when Mother Nature’s gifts - herbs, leaves and flowers – were utilized in beauty potions to enhance skin glow of cinema stars and models.   Today's Hollywood stars spend thousands of dollars to improve the shine on their skin with synthetic concoctions made of bizarre materials such as bird’s excrement, bull’s testicles, etc.    Here are some of the juicy beauty tips deployed by our celebrities in the recent past.

Demi Moore, 50, put on her skin leeches to detoxify her blood.   

Gwyneth Paltrow administered “cupping” technique, a kind of acupuncture with circular bruises on the back, to improve blood flow and to ease stress.

Simon Cowell carried pocket-sized inhaler containing oxygen shots to maintain his looks.

In a new technical approach, Vampire Facelift mixes filler with the patient’s blood, wherein a tube-full of blood from the patient body is removed, mixed with a dermal filler after isolating certain components and injected back to the patient’s skin to iron-out facial creases and to plump up skin.

A Santa Monica-based bar provides specialized hair treatment with bull’s testicles.                      

It’s no joke to be a celebrity and to maintain the status!  

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  1. They are the weirdest people on the planet. Hollweird is what I call Hollywood. Okay, the politicians are right in the same mix.

    Have a terrific day. ☺