Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Husband and wife with psychologist!

Husband and wife come for consultation to psychologist. 
Husband : 
- We are always arguing. We have only one car and she wants me to drive her to work every day and then go to my office and she doesn't want to get out of the house earlier and she wants to go to work by the car only, so I am always late.
Doctor :
- Try to find the compromise , for example , you drive her to work one week and the other week she drives you to the office .
One week later husband comes back to the psychologist`s office.
Doctor :
- So,did you find the compromise?
Husband :
- Yes,we did , last week I was going to work by subway……

Husband and wife are arguing.
- You`ll never find wife like me ever again.
- I will never search for one like you ever again …….   

Wife with a husband comes to the eye doctor office :
- Doctor,my husband has a very bad vision. Please convince him to do the surgery!!!
She leaves.
Doctor checks guy's eyes and realized that his vision is 100% :
- Why do you pretend at home that you have a bad vision?
- Doctor you just can't imagine how tired am I for 37 years marriage  to answer the questions like : “Is this dress better than the other?”,
“Is this hairstyle better ?” , “Do you think I look good for that party?” , “Do you think this color of dishes is good for our kitchen?” …….


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