Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Army jokes!

    A young lieutenant asked the Colonel during an informal get together:

    "What were your main hobbies, when you were young?"
    "Hunting and women", said the Colonel.
    "What were you hunting for?"
    "For women."
              Lieutenant Rejevsky puts his clothes on and is about to leave a lady he met yesterday.
    "Hey, you forgot the money", shouted the girl.
    Rejevsky sharply turned around and said firmly:
    "Hussars do not take money."

    Two army rules:
    #1. The commanding officer is always right
    #2.  If the commanding officer is not right, see #1.

    An ensign is walking along the street, wearing different colored shoes - one's black and the other brown.
    A Major stops him and says: "Ensign, go home and change shoes."

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  1. Loved the first one the best. I think I know him.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺