Monday, February 16, 2009

You are what your blood group is ...!

The old saying "Tell me about friends, I will you tell about your character" is no more valid. Instead, "Tell me your blood group, I will tell you about your character" is the new-found dictum in Japan presently!

Times of India reports that Japanese strongly believe nowadays that the character, personality and capability of a person have a strong bearing on his blood group. Employees get jobs that suits their blood group. Even marriage compatibility is judged on the basis of blood group of the lovers!

Last year books on blood groups are the best sellers in the Japanese shops! People mend their living based on their blood groups.

'A', 'B', 'O' and 'AB' are the predominant blood groups. Person with 'A' type blood is a perfectionist but overanxious. A 'B' type fellow is cheerful but self-centered. 'O' type guy is kind but rigid while 'AB' character has an artistic mind. Even VVIPs proudly display their blood group in web sites!

Government is worried about this craze / trend as there is no causal connection between the behaviour of a person and his blood group. Control measures taken by the Government to change the attitude of the people in this respect has not produced the desired results.

We are well aware that in India the politicians thrive on dividing and ruling the people on the basis of cast, creed, language, location, social status, etc. Let us hope that our politician do not create one more division in the society based on blood groups!


  1. Sir, I think you have just taught them something. It won't be a surprise when one of then sends you a bouquet with a note of thanks for having given them a new idea to divide.(Smile)

  2. It is a consolation that there are people elsewhere in the world as bad as Indians in believing such stories

  3. I think belief in superstitions is a universal concept and is part of the human mind!