Monday, April 20, 2009

Woman Power!

Behind every US President there is the First lady! First ladies of the USA attain the celebrity status because their strong personality molded the First Citizen to reach that top post. Books on celebrity women like Hillary Clinton, Caroline Kennedy, Sarah Palin and Princess Diana were sold out in large numbers before they hit the stores.

These Female Force with their high degree of optimism and utmost confidence serve as the light houses with positive light to their spouses to achieve the near impossible goals. These powerful women are no different from the wonder women of the fairy tales.

Comics on these women achievers motivate even the young ones to aim high in life.

Latest in this list is Michelle Obama comic starting from her early days at South Side Chicago up to her campaign for her husband Barack Obama during last year's presidential poll. The comic will be released on April 25.

While comics on Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin were sold to the tune of 10000 copies, comics on Michelle Obama has pre-sold around 40000 copies before hitting the stands! It is likely to create a history as the top selling independent comic so far!


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