Friday, May 29, 2009

Batteries for Wind Mill Generators!

Of the variety of non conventional energy sources, wind energy is gaining popularity all over the world. Wind energy is available in abundance and there is no dearth due to consumption in future unlike coal, water, fossils etc. Wind Mill Generators are also available in all capacities with simplicity of operation and maintenance thanks to the advancement made in science and technology.

The major setback in this technology arises out of non-availability of wind energy during some months in a year. If there is no wind the generator will not work to produce electricity. Likewise whenever there is a sudden increase or decrease in demand for electricity, the wind mill output cannot be varied to this level of demand.

British technocrats have now developed a technology wherein compressed air at a very high pressure is stored in massive reservoirs using high capacity compressors. This compressed air is stored beneath the ground and it is equivalent to a 'battery cell'. This 'battery' can be utilized whenever there is a sudden demand for large quantum of electric power.

Likewise during non-windy seasons, when there is no sufficient wind power to actuate the wind turbines, the compressed air stored in the 'battery' can be used to run the wind mill and generate electric power.

Once the economic viability of this system is established, wind mill generators will be the best machines for generation of electricity as they are pollution-free and environment - friendly!

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