Friday, June 19, 2009

Cobra God!

Cobras have always been associated with mythological stories in most of the countries in the world. The very thought of the King Cobra makes me nervous as I had a near encounter with one while I was fixing the high voltage switchgear equipment in Anpara Super Thermal Power Station, Uttar Pradesh, India a decade ago. The sly guy was about two meters away on top of the 400 KV outdoor isolator equipment I was erecting with his hood spread out and ready to strike a bird nearby. When I saw the sight accidentally my heart started pounding and my blood froze for a moment. I mustered all courage and fled from that spot propelled by the rush of adrenalin!

A sort of reverence is also associated with the cobra as it is believed that it does not harm any one unless he/she is destined to be killed by its venomous bite. It is also a belief that cobras are worst avengers and they chase the offenders even after death..., in their subsequent lives also!

These glorious snakes are worshiped in Hindu temples to annul the curse begotten by people in their previous births and by ancestors. Hindus do observe fast and perform special prayers on Nag Panchmi day to appease the Snake God!

In Kuwait the people have shown their benevolence to the snake by constructing a spectacular building in the shape of two entwined cobras. See & Enjoy the photographs of the different views of the building now!

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  1. Nice to know about the snake shape buildings. Good photographs.