Friday, August 21, 2009

Age Management!

No one can forget India's Tamil Cinema's ever green hero of yesteryear MG Ramachandran, fondly known as MGR for his millions of fans! Befitting his name, MGR Medical University in Chennai has introduced a new subject on Age Management in collaboration with Harley Street Health Care Medical Park India Private Ltd. The course is offered as a postgraduate course for doctors world over.

Research on cell death, regeneration and preservation has enabled optimization of functions of the body organs in order to manage age for a healthy living. The course is foreseen to be a judicious blend of both traditional and modern medical practices.

Times of India magazine reports that the age management course will include the study of spiritual medicine, nutrigenomics, reproductive medicine or endocrinology, regenerative medicine, functional fitness, preventive cardiology, preventive urology & nephrology, preventive psychiatry, clinical genomics, medical computing & bio-informatics, preventive bone & joint disease, aesthetic surgery & medicine and biomarkers.

Research on healthy living, standardisation of preventive health checks, quantification of aging process, data analysis to identify riskprone individuals, molecular aging, resources based on Vedic and Tamil literature, and validation of the Siddha concept of aging with modern biomarkers will also be initiated through the academy.

Imagine the consequences of agelessness!
It is a great news for our ever green heroines who are expected to live in their sweet teens(!) for ages!
Our politicians will never retire from active politics!
Viagra will be no longer powerful!
Cosmetics and plastic surgery business will lose their popularity!
Gyms and spas may not be required at all!
Doctors will lose their roaring business substantially!
But how will you solve the population explosion problem on Planet earth?


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