Monday, August 3, 2009

Infant bonds with parents through massage!

The newly born infant bonds with the mother through mother's milk immediately after birth. This bonding is essential for the health and survival of the child.

Researchers have now found that tender massaging of the infant's limbs and muscles by the mother / parent is also essential for the growth and development of the child next to breast milk. Researchers have established the fact that the infant is able to feel the affection and warmth of the mother / father by their soothing touch and caressing with fingers. In turn the parent also experiences the love of the child through their fingers.

Doctors advise the couple (both parents)to hold the child close to their chest so that the intimacy and vibrations are felt by the child as well as parents. This is how the child gets connected with the parents as per the modern psychology of parent-child relationship.

In the USA, the present trend is that the husband is advised to be present in the hospital room during the delivery of the child. He is involved in assisting the prospective mother during the birth of the child. Some hospitals permit video photography of the child birth.

All these aspects are intended to intensify the bondage between the spouses and the infant.

Pregnancy and child delivery are no more a woman's subject; the man is equally responsible for the safe delivery and upkeep of the child right from birth for better family bondage!


  1. I didn't know this, but it makes sense.

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  2. Very nice article, and so true, I did both whith my baby ....Massage is imperative to all people, more than anyone could realize, that is for sure...
    Nice site, nice work:))))

  3. Thanks a lot for your appreciation. Have a nice day.