Saturday, August 1, 2009

Innovative cure for malaria!

Malaria is a deadly disease which kills millions of people per year all over the world.

US scientists studied the pattern of this infection in patients and devised a novel method to cure the disease. This method is still in the experimental stage.

A study conducted in Africa revealed that infected mosquitoes inject immature malaria parasites into the skin of children under 5 who are their favorite targets for blood drink! The parasite reaches the liver, develops maturity, multiply and attack the red blood cells through the blood stream causing the sickness of malaria.

In an innovative attempt researchers utilised the deadly mosquitoes as carriers of the antidote, namely, malarial vaccine which is injected into the skin of the target patients. The result appears to be amazing! Yes, the target patients have developed strong immunity to malaria.

This immunity technique coupled with the administration of the well known medicine chloroquine may be a promising solution to eradicate malaria in the near future.

Are you not reminded of the famous saying that antidote for venom is venom itself!


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