Saturday, November 28, 2009

Launch of latest mobiles on the website!

My cousin Bhujju was on the look out for a nice mobile phone. He was confused with the various brands flooded in the market. I recommended to him the website, the best online source for new mobile phones apart from laptops and LCD TVs. The site provides database for over 20 brands like Nokia, Apple, Sony-Ericcson, Blueberry, Motorola, etc. furnishes a smart and simple procedure for selection of right mobile phones at the best price for specific applications.

Select key parameters like Brand, Price Range and Type on a slide scale.
A short-listed lot of mobiles is displayed on the screen.
Pick up 2/3 most appropriate models in the comparison mode.
Based on Test Center Rating, technical parameters, user opinion, etc., you can select the apt model.

Consumer Mate has these special features:

Buying Guide: Provides product database, features & latest trends.

Hot Deals: Displays competitive prices, discounts and free gifts offered by dealers.

Mobile Guru: Enables you to short list the right kind of mobile phones by asking pertinent questions like price range, type (bar, slide, etc.), application (personal, business or multimedia), special features (camera, GPS, 3G, etc.) and screen size (large, moderate, etc.). Compare the short listed models in comparison mode and pick the best out of them.

Ask us: Highlights competitive street prices and local dealers addresses.

Test Center Rating by Digit: This India's premier Research Laboratory assigns merit ratings for different electronic products based on their features and performance.

The site provides links for Consumer Support, Know the basics on latest trends in technology, Emerging Market Trends, new launches and Users Forum for view-sharing.


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