Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Humour vocabulary! Part 1

There are some common words which can be added to your humuor vocabulary.

Anecdote (an-ik-doht) n.  A tale of whoa.

Watching a movie recently, I couldn't hear the dialogue over the chatter of two women in front of me.  Unable to bear it any longer, I tapped one of them on the shoulder.  "Excuse me", I said, "I can't hear."  

She snapped back, "I should hope not.  This is a private conversation!"

Blonde joke (blond jouk) n.  A jest even men can understand.

A blonde and her father are walking down the street when he says, "Look, a dead bird."

The blonde looks up and says, "Where?"   

Courtesy: Readers' Digest


  1. Both are good but the blonde joke is a classic.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Good! "A jest even men can understand". It is very nicely planted.

    BTW, your expert author's badge is linking only to the home page of Ezine articles. Check it out sir.

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