Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New-age charger powered by hot coffee and cold beer!!

Your smartphone can be charged with a cup of steaming cappuccino.  Yes, researchers of Epiphany Labs have devised a new app which can charge your mobile phone with the heat available from a hot cup of coffee.   The company utilizes the principle of temperature gradient for charging electronic devices which need 1000 ma or less.  Both hot and cold beverages could be used for charging your iPhone, even a glass of cold beer will serve the purpose.

Epiphany Labs claim that the time taken for charging is the same as in the case of a standard electronic charging device.  The time taken for charging will be slightly more if the coffee is not very hot.    The new-age charger is a small device which can be carried conveniently anywhere you go.  It is likely to hit the shops in the near future.

Very soon you will look for a coffee shop instead of an electric plug point for charging your phone!


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